ITU Rational
Enduring Understandings:
English 12
  1. Students will understand how art is an outlet for may oppressed people.
  2. Students will understand that literature can document movements from an insider's view.
  3. Students will understand the importance of art in cultural movements.

Spanish I
United States History
  1. The experiences of Pilipino Americans in the United States leading up to the agricultural movement.
  2. The experiences of Hispanic Americans in the United States leading up to the agricultural movement.
  3. The conditions that agricultural workers of different ethnicities had to work under.
  4. The important figures of the agricultural movement and how they influenced its outcome.
  5. The strategies used by the agricultural movement to attain their objectives.
  6. The outcomes and consequences of the agricultural movement.
Essential Questions
English 12
  1. What is the importance of art to cultures who have no voice?
  2. How are citizens who are considered "aliens" struggling to find a place in their country?

Spanish I
United States History
  1. What were the conditions like that the agricultural workers had to deal with before the movement?
  2. Why caused the formation of the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee?
  3. What caused the formation of the National Farm Workers Association?
  4. What similar situations caused the AWOC and the NFWA to want to join together to form the United Farm Workers of America?
  5. What were other important social, economic, and political movements going on during this period of time?
  6. How did these other movements have connections with the agricultural movement?
  7. What was the general progression of the agricultural movement?
  8. What did the agricultural movement achieve for the organizations at the time?
  9. How did this movement influence agricultural situations today?