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Contextual Information about Orange Glen High School

The Community:
Escondido, California has a population of approximately 144,000. Escondido has many parks open to the public, the San Diego Safari Park, lakes, wineries, and many schools, as well as many businesses that hire from the local population. Escondido's population ranges from many different SES backgrounds, with different youth programs and educational resources for students and families. The community is largely suburban, spread over a large territory.The majority of the students live within the neighborhoods around the school, and either arrive through public/school transportation or personal transportation.

As of 2010's census, Escondido's population was 143,911broken down as follows: 60.4% White (40.4% non-Hispanic white), 48.9% Latino of any nation, 2.5% African American (2.1% non-Hispanic black), 1.0% Native American.

The School:
Mission Statement of the school:
"We demonstrate Patriot P.R.I.D.E. (Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence) by equipping all students with the academic and social skills necessary to lead successful, compassionate, and fulfilling lives."

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results:
Effective Communicators: Every student will write, speak, read, listen, and collaborate within diverse communities.
Complex Thinkers: Every student will solve problems using analytical and critical-thinking skills.
Quality Producers: Every student will plan, organize, and create a product that meets specified criteria.
Healthy Individuals: Every student will demonstrate practices of healthy living.
District: Orange Glen High School is part of the Escondido Union High School District.

Staff: 92 Teachers, 6 Administration, 6 Pupil Services,
Class Range/Size: Classes range from the 9th to the 12th grade. The average class size ranges from 25 to 30 students per classroom.
API Score: Orange Glen High's score is 695. The school is currently in Performance Improvement.
Graduation Rate: 95% as of 2010.
SAT: Out of a senior population of 513 students, 142 tested with the following averages: Critical Reading score of 462, Math score of 463, and Writing score of 450.

The Students:
Population: 2,343 students, 720 freshmen, 600 sophomores, 529 juniors, 494 seniors.
Hispanic/Latino = 1,787
American Indian = 5
Asian = 55
Pacific Islander= 16
Filipino = 47
African American = 66
Caucasian = 359
Mixed = 4

ELL Population: 527 students are designated as ELL, with over 95% with a Spanish-speaking background.